At Bloodhound Laboratories our top priorities are to to ensure that you receive outstanding service and quality results. Below are some guidelines regarding your submissions that help us to provide you with only the very best service and dependable, accurate test results. If you need more information or have questions, never hesitate to call us at (631) 676-2404. We're here to help you!

(1) Online Test Ordering Through Our Website's Client Portal

Using Bloodhound Laboratory’s online web ordering has simplified test requests. The order is sent electronically, which helps alleviate common data entry issues. This electronic system allows us to reconcile samples received versus what tests were ordered. This process allows us to contact you to address issues quickly, thus improving efficiency. You can also request a STAT for specimens online which will alert us even before we receive the sample. Bloodhound Laboratories provides you with a barcode label printer, and blank labels to generate container labels complete with patient information and test names for you to affix to your samples. You can order samples, and look up final and past results from any computer. For your convenience, custom logins can be created for each member of your staff, which will enable you to identify which team member ordered the sample or you can use one login for everyone.    

(2) Printed Lab Requisition Forms

Preprinted forms will be provided if you would rather hand write your test request forms. They can also be printed in your office using the following links. Please be sure to include your practice information if you choose this option.


General Submission Form
Pathology Submission Form
Batch Heartworm Form
Batch Fecal Form



We accommodate your hospitals needs, offering convenient pickup schedules. Because of our central Suffolk location, we are only a short drive away from your hospital. Samples can even be dropped off at the lab which is convenient for mobile practices. In the event that you need a STAT pick up, we will make an extra pickup free of charge.


If you are not within our courier pick up area, FedEx prepaid labels and FedEx mailing envelopes are available at no cost to you. Samples must be packed according to shipping instructions. Call us at (631) 676-2404 for more details.


When submitting a specimen to the lab, it is important to use proper techniques in collecting and preparing the sample. With serum submission, make sure the sample is fully clotted and centrifuge promptly. All tubes should be capped tightly to avoid leakage. Tubes should be labeled with a minimum of the patient’s first and last name.


We understand that obtaining samples can be difficult, therefore, our drivers are trained to take special care in handling your samples to maintain sample integrity. Our drivers can even drop off laboratory supplies if the urgency arises. We do not utilize third party couriers and employ our own drivers. As a result, we are able to adjust our drivers' schedules to suit your hospital's needs. Our drivers are in constant contact with our lab and can be alerted immediately in the event you need a STAT pick up. And, of course, there is never a charge for a STAT pick up or test.


During extreme weather conditions, please take measures to ensure that your samples are not exposed to intense heat or cold.

  • Limit exposure by keeping samples indoors as long as possible

  • Insulate samples in newspaper or bubble wrap in cold weather

  • Pack samples with cold packs in warm weather

  • Please contact our laboratory staff for additional specimen-related questions

If you need any type of assistance with your samples, need supplies or have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (631) 676-2404.


Supplies for submission of your samples to Bloodhound Laboratories are provided to you free of charge. Laboratory supply orders can be placed by phone or fax, with a driver, or included with your daily samples. To request laboratory supplies, please use the Supply Request Form below. Just click on the link below to download the form, print, and fill it out. Supply orders are filled within 1-2 working days and delivered via courier or Federal Express.

Supply Request Form

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